Facebook Ad Measurement And Mastery 2017

8-Video Premium Training Course. As Featured On The Digital Marketer “Perpetual Traffic” Podcast

Facebook Measurement And Mastery 2017 - BoomBox Training Course
  • Make More Money From Your Ads

    Master the underlying mechanics of FB Ads and save yourself a fortune from badly-informed decisions and missed opportunities

  • Cost Isn’t King

    Focusing on cost per acquisition (or worse, cost-per-click) is only a small part of the picture.  Discover how to harness the power of the LTV-mindset

  • "My Facebook Numbers Are Wrong!!"

    Having issues reconciling Facebook results vs. Google Analytics or your order database?  We’ll show you why and save you hundreds of analytics hours and thousands of wasted dollars.

  • Offline Events And FB Analytics

    Step-by-step walkthroughs of setting up two of Facebook’s most powerful new features.  Includes the ‘automated’ way to sync offline events (game-changer)

4 Actionable Videos + 4 Bonus Videos (Limited Time)

Price: $0+ (Limited Time: price will increase to $99)

Access On Any Device, Includes Future Updates

The Full Course Details

All Included Units / Videos

  • Unit 1: Overview, How FB Counts Results, Attribution Windows
  • Unit 2: The Right Metrics To Take Your Business To The Next Level
  • Unit 3: Reconciling Results Across Sources (GA vs. FB vs. Database, etc.)
  • Unit 4: 5 Biggest Money-Burning Facebook Ad Mistakes
  • [BONUS] Unit 5: Offline Events Overview & Setup
  • [BONUS] Unit 6: Offline Events Data Load Process – Manual
  • [BONUS] Unit 7: Offline Events Data Load Process – Automatic / API
  • [BONUS] Unit 8: An Intro To Facebook Analytics